Hotel Details
  Cork Factory Hotel
480 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster 17602
Tel.  717-735-2075


If 19th century brick walls and wood ceilings could talk, they would speak a familiar narrative. Enterprise & industry. American vision. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. The buildings that make up Cork Factory Hotel once housed the historic Armstrong Cork and Kerr Glass companies. Today, the hotel preserves and honors that history. And it is not just in the architecture, it’s the attitude: honest, authentic, and welcoming.


Located in downtown Lancaster, close to shops and restaurants. Lancaster is in south central Pennsylvania, only about an hour from Philadelphia or Baltimore, and within 2 hours of Washington, DC.

Accommodation Description

Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with thoughtful minimalism: neutral tones, exposed wood ceilings, and the factory’s original brick interior walls.

Room Configuration Details

Classic Room - 1 King

Classic Room - 2 Doubles

Meal Information 

Breakfast not included. Coupon option not offered by the property.

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